Why Work Out?

Not everyone is motivated to spend hours at the gym, achieving that perfect beach body. Realistically, most of us would rather stay at home, watch movies, and try to ignore the muffin top gradually creeping over the top of our pants. Working out can offer you a lot more than just a better body. Here are 5 surprising ways working out helps us.

You’ll sleep better!

Have you ever laid down at night, only to find your mind will not stop talking? Have you managed to fall asleep, only to keep on waking up, or watched the clock as the time you can get some sleep in gradually narrows?
We’ve all been there, and poor sleep can really drain you. Fortunately, working out has been shown to greatly improve your ability to sleep. Exercise improves or circadian rhythms and will not only help you sleep better at night, but keep you feeling more alert during the day. Now that’s an energy secret we can all take advantage of!

You’ll feel happier.

If you’re not keen on exercising, it may surprise you to find out that exercise can make us happy. You don’t have to exercise very much to achieve this affect. Even very light exercise can contribute to overall happiness. Exercise can release endorphins in our brain, helping to ease stress, and promote our well being.

You can reverse or slow down the signs of aging

Even moderate exercise can speed up our blood flow, refreshing our whole body from head to toe. That means more nutrition is getting to your body, and toxins are being taken away. Working out also improves your muscle and skin tone, resulting in fewer lines and wrinkles, and long term mobility. Working out can also stave off more serious signs of aging, such as diseases like alzheimer’s, as well as stiff joints and other aging related issues.

Improve your self confidence

Learning how to perform new exercises, meeting goals, and getting off the couch can make you feel better about yourself. We can’t say we feel the same after getting on the scales the day after Christmas. The self confidence you gain from working out is more than just about body image, it is about feeling better and doing something positive for yourself. So often we don’t give ourselves the same care and attention we give other people, so when we finally start caring for our bodies it can make a huge difference in our lives.

Avoid heart disease.

One of the top causes of death in developed countries is heart disease. Protecting our hearts can be as easy as going for a walk, or working out in some other way. Through exercise you will keep your heart beating strong and steadily, and perhaps increase your lifespan.
Working out has a positive impact on your body whether you are choosing a little light exercise or are pushing the limits of your body. There is no reason not to, so get out there and get fit!

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